Noise or Pictures At An Exhibition…

Hey everybody!

We’ve been quite busy as of late working hard on our new album and knowing that a lot of you are patiently waiting for the noise, here is the album cover along with the tracklisting!

HiRes Cover


1. Quietus
2. Signal to Noise
3. Fade In/Out
Part 1: Revelation
Part 2: Confrontation
Part 3: Reconciliation
4. Altered State
5. Headlong
6. Fragile
7. Coda ( for a Dream)

We’ll go more into detail on these tracks in upcoming posts on this blog, but for this post we asked our photographer Bert Treep to tell us how he came about making the art.

Bert: “Ben sent me the story behind the lyrics. The nucleus of this whole story, the key to this concept that could not be avoided or unseen, was white noise. I had to ask myself how I could represent that. My first tryout was a series about ‘Natural Events’, where the color white was prevalent, due to reflection, movement etc. This tryout however didn’t work due to the colors, so this idea was scrapped.
Although it was planned to keep the Purified and The Gift of Anxiety album covers in the same line as Waiting For The Noise, I was given total freedom with regards to creating it. So I went off into nature and through a combination of beautiful light, colors and especially this wonderful tree ( No, those black orbs are not birds nests!). By applying several effects on the photo, white noise began to appear. The remaining artwork was designed after this great coincidence, allowing the artwork to become a body of itself.”


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