Crash! A Studio Update On The Second Sylvium Album

And now we come to the bottom end of the album; the bass guitars! They’ve always been quite an important feature in Sylvium, not just because its all done on a Rickenbacker bass guitar ( which has a phenomenal sound!), but because Gijs is playing them. His quite pronounced playing has brought quite a dimension to the tracks when we were writing and arranging the tunes for the new album and it makes everything sounds extremely punchy, narly and powerful.

foto gijs2

Hard at work recording the new songs. Rawk!


So although the sound hasn’t changed for the majority of the album, it did for one tune in particular, currently known under the working title ‘Breaking’, where Gijs’ bass playing almost sounds like a fretless bass guitar in certain places, being used minimalistically to create a sonic landscape of its own. You can imagine how excited we were when Gijs first played his parts on this track in the rehearsal studio.


Gijs’ pedalboard, his Sansamp Bass driver on the left, and the mighty Moog Minitaur and bass pedals on the right.


On the first track, ‘Dance of Defeat’ ( working title), Gijs is primarily focused on adding bass pedals to the song, with the mighty Rickenbacker roaring to life at the later half of the song, especially when his playing is enforcing the heavy guitar riffs and adding to the brutality of that song. On ‘Signals’ he is a prominent force in the song, not just meshing beautifully with the drums on his bass guitar but also adding extremely catchy bass pedals; you’ll understand when you hear the final version 😉
On ‘Washing Out’, ‘Uncoiling’, ‘Rush’ and ‘Ending Theme’ ( respectively our third, fourth, fifth and seventh track on the album) his bass is also featured prominently, blending in amazingly with the guitars and generally providing the power required for those particular tracks.

In addition to sounding so mighty on the new album, Gijs recorded all his parts within three hours, which not only had our jaws drop to the floor but also proved to be a new personal record for him.

foto gijs3

All the work is done!

That concludes the mighty Rick recorded, next up is a special surprise…


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